Paul Kotula Projects is pleased to present "Sans Souci," an exhibition of photography, video, and sculpture by Detroit artist Cynthia Greig. In this, the artist's first exhibition at the gallery, Greig muses the French phrase that translates 'without worry, free of care". Culled from several series of recent work, all of which explore highly aestheticized and idealized exhibition spaces, Greig establishes a "forensic eye to the peripheral details usually hidden from view." Absent from her images is artwork itself. As Greig explains: My most recent work, "Threshold", centers on how we engage with art from within the myth-making area of the contemporary art gallery's white cube. Through the subversive use of digital erasure, I remove the paintings, photographs and sculptures intended for our view, and instead place the gallery itself on display. Employing this simple shift of perspective, I reframe the context of the exhibition space as content and expose the fallacy of the gallery as a benign and neutral environment. Greig's exhibition is installed to form parallels between her images and the architectural space of Paul Kotula Projects. In doing so, she offers viewers an opportunity to explore layers of perception and history, while also becoming part of the installation itself. At a time when the frantic pace of social media and art fairs dominate art experience, Greig reminds us of the "real" and "leisurely" experiences galleries can offer.